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Originally from Europe, Jonathan Lemon gained a degree in Visual and Performing Arts at the university of Brighton in England before embarking on a career as an artist, cartoonist, stand up comedian and musician.

He began working extensively on record and CD cover designs and music posters as well as cartoons for various music publications in the 80s. He moved to San Francisco in 1992 and created several character animations for best selling software including “Stinky & Dinky”, “Dr. Doodles” and “Double Doozy”. 

Between 1997 and 2002, he drew the comic strip “Bigshot”. He has also contributed work to Yowza Comic, Poot,  Puppy Love, ZigZag and Film World magazine.  His political cartoons have appeared in The Boston Globe, San Francisco Examiner, Guardian (UK), San Francisco Bay Guardian and numerous other English and Spanish-language newspapers, magazines and websites including the Commonwealth Club of California.

He has won several awards for his art including two Zap Awards and a South East Arts Award. His work has been exhibited in galleries in San Francisco, London and Tokyo and been used to advertise everything from surfboard wax to electric bicycles.

He has also lived in Cuba and Central America where he illustrated an anti-litter campaign, made cartoon maps for the Honduran Tourism Institute and did illustrations for United Nations’ Global Fund HIV/AIDS programs.

He is influenced and inspired by the work of George Herriman, Dr. Seuss, Matt Groening, Leo Baxendale, Posada, Jack Cole, Walt Kelly, Tom Toles, the Harlem Globetrotters, Pee Wee Herman, Maya Angelou, Tamara de Lempicka, Dorothy Parker, the books of S.J Perelman, Dashiell Hammett, Eduard Galeano and Damon Runyan, the music of Tom Waits, Slim Gailard and Spike Jones and the movies of Jan Svankmajer, Preston Sturges and Aki Kaurismaki, as well as a few other people.

He currently the editorial cartoonist for HybridCars.com. Rabbits Against Magic is his latest comic strip project. He is married to his wonderful wife Julia, drives a fire-engine red Toyota Echo and has no cats.

A more "complete" and self-depreciating bio appears here.

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